Music To Listen To: Kirby Krackle

Kirby Krackle are a nerd-rock band from Seattle.

KK are my go-to-Marvel band. These guys specialise in superheroes but do branch out into other topics. Marvel and DC superheroes all get an anthem, as well as videos like Super Mario Bros., Fallout and Megaman, geek culture staples Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Transformers, zombies, tacos, Twitter, conventions and what it means to be a geek all get covered. There's a wide range of topics here.  You're bound to find a few songs to enjoy.

The thing I think KK do best though is take their fans on a journey. Kyle, songwriter and lead singer/guitarist for Kirby Krackle, has a real knack for inhabiting the skin of the character he's chosen to write about for each particular song. He often takes the listener on a journey through that characters origin story, of the things they struggle to deal with day to day. He writes through the eyes of the character so you feel and identify with them in a way that makes them more human. For example, in their Spider-man song 'Web-slinger/Hope-bringer' Kyle works in lyrics about how Spider-man came to be, the death of Uncle Ben and the pressures of  being a teenage superhero in a world that doesn't always love him. It's one of the best takes of Spider-man I've heard yet (Spidey is my favourite and so I really really love this song!)

And KK are pros at slipping in those famous quotes everyone has memorised and by the time they've come around you're already sucked into the song and singing your geeky heart out. And its not 'in your face' or 'overdone' either, which is nice. Songs are subtle and if you know the franchises covered then you'll know who or what they're singing about and the songs are accessible for any listener. For instance, I've never played Mega Man or Super Mario Bros, I don't read DC and I've never seen Green Lantern but I adore the songs written about these franchises because the songs pack a punch and the lyrics are damn catchy.

The thing I really like about KK is that the music is quite mainstream rock. Its easily accessible, radio friendly rock that anyone can enjoy. The nerdy lyrics are what set it apart. They are a band you can play for just about anybody. They're not too heavy. Its fun and upbeat and celebrates the subject matter. These guys are proud geeks and that reflects in the music. Even the more serious songs have an edge of fun to them. This is happy geek music, great for get togethers to liven up the atmosphere. I often play Kirby Krackle at gaming parties when I'm hosting, on in the background and puts everyone in a good mood.
A good starting point for KK is the recently released 'Geekiest Hits' collection that came out to celebrate the bands 5th anniversary. The nice thing about this collection is the band assembled it from fan favourites and its also features four new recordings of tracks from the first album which was an acoustic album and also has a brand new track not on any of their four previous albums. Its got some of their best tracks on there and covers five years. A great introduction.

The band has four albums. Kirby Krackle, is a more acoustic/digital instruments album with E For Everyone, Super Powered Love and Sounds Like You being full band albums. Kyle often gigs a solo acoustic set of the bands songs but they do full band shows as well, most specifically the yearly Kracklefest in Seattle. They have two live albums, one acoustic and one with the full line up just to give you a feel of Kirby Krackle in whatever form they come in. You can also find a couple of cover tracks on their bandcamp site.
I highly recommend Kirby Krackle. They are fun, the songs are catchy and well written and there's something here for everyone, of all ages (songs are kid friendly which is an added bonus)
They have a bandcamp page where you can hear their music and buy it, you can buy CDs from their website and they have some amazing music videos on YouTube.

They've also just set up a fanclub for Krackleheads in which they release exclusive tracks. These guys are doing interesting things!

Favourite album: E For Everyone
This is the bands second full length album and the first to feature the whole band. Now don't get me wrong, I love the follow ups to this album but there is something quite magical about E For Everyone. It makes me really happy to listen to. It contains the majority of my favourite tracks. The joy and happiness on this album is infectious, it has some of the catchiest guitar riffs and has inspired quite a few tracks of my own.

Favourite song: Super Powered Love
This is one of the very first songs I ever heard by KK and it really cemented my love for them. What I love about this song is that it flips the tables. Sure, KK have songs about being the hero but I love that this song is from the otherside. Its about what its like to date the superhero, to have your girlfriend off saving the world while you go about your daily life. And its so complimentary. There's no whining. Its just a positive song. Its damn catchy and has one of the best guitar solos of any KK song released so far. This song has anthem potential and I always feel like cranking up to 11 when this comes on.

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