Music To Listen To: Sci-Fried

It only seems fitting to start this series of posts off with the almighty Sci-Fried.

Sci-Fried have an impressive catalogue. Since 2008 they've released four albums; Ramming Speed (an album of parody songs), Geeks Unite, Future Tense and Co-Op Mode which saw them collaborate with various artists from different areas of the nerd music scene and their new album Season V will be out August 2014.

With many songs about Star Trek and Star Wars, they also cover the Evil Dead trilogy, Aliens, Ghostbusters, Battlestar Galactica, Marvel and DC Comics, Monty Python, Firefly, The Walking Dead, Lord of the Rings, vampires, zombies, superheroes, video games, pirates, ninjas, geek culture and unity these guys have something for almost everyone. Named best metal act in the best of Orlando poll several years running now, this band do it all. They've got metal tracks. They've got rock. They've done acoustic. They throw down raps better than any rapper in the charts. They've done soulful. They've done comedy. They have an impressive collection of original tunes as well as some great parodies. And they even covered Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla".

If you know me well then you'll known that Sci-Fried are my favourite band. And I believe that I can say, without bias, that you should try them out. Their songs are catchy, well written and very well produced.

Like Star Trek? They have at least 10 Star Trek songs, ranging from ones that you'll understand if you even just know of the franchise to those tracks that the biggest of Trekkie's will really love.

Like Star Wars? Same deal. They have songs that celebrate both sides of the Force as well as all the most loved characters of the franchise. I highly recommend "Fight Together", a parody of the Beatles "Come Together" dedicated to everyone's favourite wookie.

Have a greater love of all things geeky? These guys love geek culture. With songs like Geeks Unite, Level UP!, Looking Back At Today, Tech Support and Geeks Rule The World they celebrate what it is to be a geek, what we've already probably experienced at one point or another in life and reference so many shows, movies and comics you'll feel like you've been schooled by the best.

Ramming Speed and Geeks Unite were released in 2009. In comparison with later releases, these may not sound as well polished these are great albums. I'll admit that I listen to Geeks Unite a little more than I do Ramming Speed but Sci-Fried really excel on Geeks Unite. This album contains some of my most favourite songs to date and has some really fun tracks. But Ramming Speed is pure enjoyment and fun. With tracks from The Beatles, AC/DC and Green Day getting the geek treatment this one is definitely for anyone who considers themselves a fan of artists such as Weird Al. This is actually great for karaoke nights. I work in a music studio and hear bands covering tracks but I end up singing Sci-Fried parody tracks as I walk around work. Always fun!

Future Tense came in 2011 and this really cements the bands sound and what they aim to do. They experiment a little more on this album, throwing in some nerdcore and ska on a couple of tracks, showing they are capable of just about anything.

Co-Op Mode came in 2012 and is my favourite album so far.

With two leads, Vern and KSV, Chuck Silver on guitar, Dobbs on bass and guitar and Dammit Jim on drums this band is tight.

These guys introduced me to the Orlando nerd scene, are one of the fiercest supporters and really push to support their fellow artists. Independent artists, they set up their own studio to record their albums and I believe they've worked with other artists as well. Members help to run nerd music radio station and are involved with putting on the biggest nerd music festival/celebration in world Orland Nerd Festival. I highly respect these musicians and am happy to call them my heroes, my friends and fellow nerds.

I first heard of Sci-Fried when Gateworld (Stargate website) posted an article about the bands new (at the time) video for their parody song PX-75309, a song dedicated to Stargate SG-1 and the video depicts the band and some friends as members of an SGC team fighting the Gou'ald. Its fantastic!

I'd recently written a song about Stargate and was really stoked to see someone else do some too and the song was really great so I looked the band up on YouTube and found some more parody songs, this time about Star Trek.

Yes, a band that is just about as geeky as it gets but rocks at the same time! Just what I'm looking for.

Found the band website, heard a few of the samples they had up there and then I sent the band a messsage on Twitter and asked the band where the best place to buy the MP3s was. Needless to say I've had a great relationship with the band ever since. I got to meet Dr Vern, KSV and Chuck when I was in Florida a few years ago (I should maybe mention I live in England) and they were in middle of recording the tracks for Future Tense. One of the best afternoons I've ever had. I got to hang out with my favourite band, hear some of the stuff they've recorded and they signed my CDs and posters. Such lovely people! And I got to be the fairy in the video game KSV released based on their song Chosen One, a song based on RPG's. I even have a Sci-Fried tattoo.

If you want great music, look no further.
A powerhouse in this scene, I cannot wait to see what is yet to come!

You can listen to all their albums at the bands bandcamp page, buy all CDs from their site and see them at Orlando Nerd Festival and Dragon Con August 2014.

Favourite song: Left Behind.
Left Behind is actually on their forth coming album and I've only heard the demo but OH MY GOD! This song proves that while Sci-Fried can rock and they rock hard, that they can also really write gut wrenching, soulful songs. This one is subtle in references, the most hardcore fan will get what this ones about. I'm not gonna give it away. But either way you'll be moved. You'll even relate to it in some way. Its absolutely beautiful. Has a bit of a Led Zepplin vibe in my opinion. I hope this one gets a video! I'm gonna pitch one just in case!!!

Favourite album: Co-Op Mode.
As of posting this Co-Op Mode is my favourite (their new album is released next month!).

Co-Op Mode is an impressive achievement. 12 new songs but each one has a different collaborator on it from the nerd music scene. Friends of the band. Artists that I already loved. Some I was just getting introduced to. Its the perfect introduction for someone wanting to find people to listen to actually.
With the introduction of Dobbs to the band the sound as a whole is well rounded out on this album. Chuck's guitar playing is outstanding. Jim's drum beats are fantastic (I mean just listen to Never Fall and tell me he's not fantastic!). KSV really has his rap style nailed down. And Vern's voice... can we all just appreciate how lovely it is to listen to him sing.

Add to this the talent of the collaborators and its a fantastic album. Lyrically, its some of the best writing they've done so far and the production is wonderful.

With each release these guys really hone their craft. The songs get better. The sound gets better. They experiment more. It's really an exciting time for me when I get to hear their new material. (I think I actually live tweeted the first time I listened to Co-Op Mode. I was at work at the time.)

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