A Love Letter To ONF2014!

I want to say a very sincere thank you to the staff and team behind Orlando Nerd Festival 2014.

I wasn't fortunate enough to be able to attend this year but I was fortunate to still be able to enjoy all the acts because you offered livestream of the whole weekend. Free of charge. Thank you so much. I know there were issues and Chozo worked tirelessly to keep it going for those of us in the chat. Thank you, you wonderful human being! The wifi was against us on the Sunday but for the most part I got to enjoy all my favourite people putting on a great show. Thank you so much for allowing me to apart of this and for letting me see my friends up on those stages doing what they do best.

I am so impressed with the scope of this festival. The acts were so varied but each was so talented, giving and entertaining. I definitely found a few more to absolutely adore and popped over to quite a few bandcamps and bought some albums! I loved that most musical styles were covered, there was something for everyone to enjoy and I loved how it felt more like a family reunion with the community of artists booked. It was a joy to watch and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

It seemed like things ran pretty smoothly from my end. All the acts were on schedule from what I saw, the sound techs had a lot of work ahead of them and I can only bask in the amazing job the appeared to do. That was a lot of people to deal with, a lot of equipment and laptops and microphones and opinions. I know from my job how hard it can be to deal with musicians sometimes so I commend all on the professional job that was done.

I have no idea just how hard this was to pull off. I cannot fathom. But I'm impressed. I am so goddamn in awe of y'all and just want to offer my congratulations on what was such a fun weekend and I can only imagine it was a 1000 times greater for everyone actually present. I hope you met targets and thought it was a success. Its an impressive feat to pull off a festival of that scale for the first time in history. I hope Kyle (Kirby Krackle) was right and this is the start of a long history!

I hope you can run Orlando Nerd Festival 2015 cause I'm saving up for my plane ticket starting NOW!

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