Koo Koo Kanga Roo Take On The UK!

I had the absolute pleasure of catching Koo Koo Kanga Roo opening for Frank Turner at De Montfort Hall Friday night in Leicester.

From the minute they took to the stage their energy and enthusiasm was radiating out over the audience. Starting off with a few stretches so no one strained anything they immediately got the party started with Get Your Body Movin'. The two of them didn't stay still for a second. The music was pumpin' and it looked like they were having so much fun on the stage in this huge venue.

We danced like dinosaurs and unicorns; celebrated unibrows and rainbows; shaked every body part possible and spoke whale all in one set. Bryan and Neil were bursting with energy, were outrageously silly and their enthusiasm was infectious. I had a really good time watching them run around, rap and sing and be as camp as possible in parts.

What you hear on their albums is what you get on stage. Bryan and Neil put a lot of emotion and excitement into every word but the real treat of seeing them live is watching them dance. Simple and easy to pick up but so much fun to do. The interaction with the audience was also something that I commend them on. At the start of each song they made sure people knew where they could sing-a-long, taught quick little dance moves and started a lot of shouting and even got people speaking whale. I don't think there wasn't one inch of the stage or the dance floor that they didn't dance on at one point with a smile on their face.

I don't think people knew what to make of these two guys from Minnesota dancing around and singing about Dinosaurs and Unicorns and Unibrows. I heard a few heckles and a few jeers but KKKR were ever the professionals and rolled with it, even making a few jokes about having paid to be on the tour and they were gonna get their moneys worth. By the time they played Fanny Pack they were starting to win people over. By the time they created a circle pit for Shake Yo Foot and Cat Party people were enjoying themselves. By the time they got the parachute out for the end of Awesome Rainbows they'd won the venue over.

The venue was huge and they made great use of the space and tried to include everyone as much as possible. A support acts job is to get the crowd in a good mood and excited for the main act. And they did a really great job. The crowd may have been there for Frank Turner but I was there to dance with Bryan and Neil. And that was exactly what happened for their whole set. They may be an all ages kids band but they were professional to the end and I loved every minute.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Bryan and Neil before the show. You can hear that interview here

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