; the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Nerd music doesn't get (a lot) of mainstream support. It doesn't get played on MTV. It doesn't get radio play. It gets snubbed. Telling someone you write songs about TV shows, movies, videos games, books, comics, etc. mostly earns you a confused look and sometimes you're not considered a real musician. I've had this experience, it happens any time I say I'm in a Warehouse 13 inspired band. I bet other musicians have experienced this at one time or another too. So, what do you do to expose and promote this genre and community to the world? Some of the fiercest supporters of the scene banded together to do something about it. launched in February 2013 on the Nerdy Show network. A 24-hour internet radio station dedicated to playing nerd music all day, every day. It's ran by geeks. For geeks. The content is written by geeks. In the hopes of showing the world what this community is all about.

The two things I really love about are;

1. The fact I can tune it at any time and enjoy some music. Being a listener from the UK this really works well for me because I often miss out on things due to the time difference.

2. This is a great way to get exposed to new music.

They are constantly adding artists and new releases to the rotation. There are so many genres to choose from. They quite often get exclusive tracks from upcoming releases of artists so its a great place to hear something before buying it. And on occasion they've been known to do listening parties for new album releases which include interviews with the artist themselves. I even got to experience a Marc With A C concert that I would never have gotten  a chance to go to but he recorded it and played it on one evening. That was pretty fun.

I think this is a great way of supporting the community. A lot of these artists would not get airplay under normal circumstances. is great in most circumstances. I have it on at work, I play it at home and its a great backdrop for gaming. There's always something good to listen to, usually several artists I like. At the minute I'm particularly fond of The Doubleclicks and Alpha Riff, both of whom I first heard on

I really think this is a huge step forward for nerd music. I used to find out about artists by word of mouth, from reviews and 'best of' articles posted on websites. I checked out artists who were on the same bill as bands I liked. I used to look at the line-up for Nerdapalooza and Google anybody I didn't know and listen to them. Now its all done for me. I only have to tune in and listen. If I hear someone I like then I can see who it is and go to their site, maybe buy an album or a single and support the artist.

There are nights to look out for.

Dr Vern, of Sci-Fried, runs a block party. 3 song blocks of artists. Dr Vern is my go to for bands and artists to check out so his block party is always a great introduction to the scene. More often than not he mixes in the newest releases with old classics and its definitely something to tune in for.

On occasion there are themed nights. This was something happened more often when the station first launched and is something I hope will happen more frequently. It was great to tune in for a couple of hours to hear different artists songs about one particular topic. Cause I find that's how I best get into a band. They have a song about Planet of the Apes? Wow, I'm in. Song about Stargate? Take my money! There's probably a lot of work involved in assembling the playlists for these nights but I hope we'll see them again from time to time.

Listening parties are also a fun occasion to look out for when new albums and EPs get released. As a fan from England who doesn't get to go to the shows or meet the artists its nice to here the concerts played, the occasional interview with an artist during a listening party. This is something again I'd like to see happen a little more but I do understand the time constraints and practicality of putting this together.

Its a great station. I can tune in at any time. I usually catch something I've never heard before as well as my favourite artists. I hope is here to stay. It makes me incredibly happy and I get to be apart and experience this community of artists from half way around the world. Thank you to all those involved in the creation and running and thank you to all the artists who created the music.

If you're an artist that meets the criteria for this station please apply. Its great exposure. Have some nerdy music you think might be suitable and of interest to the listeners? Contact the Music Department at:

If you're a fan of science fiction, fantasy, horror, comic books, video games, TV shows, movies and you love music then try There's so many artists to choose from and you'll definitely find something to enjoy. is listener supported. To find out how you can help go to You may also find a podcast or two there that you'll enjoy.

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