'No, I'm Not Incredible' EP OUT NOW!

Wow, I spend so much time talking about other musicians on here it's hard to remember that I myself am a musician.

I've released one EP and about 20 singles with my band A Curiosity, Darling. I have the most amazing songwriting partner over there!

But 'No, I'm No Incredible' is my very first solo EP. Four songs. Free to download (or pay-what-you-want).

Some of these songs were written about five or six years ago and have been in a body of work that I've never recorded. I set out to start releasing under TheFifthSister some of the things that actually went out with A Curiosity, Darling in the end. So, I went back and I'm shaking off the cobwebs and writing new solo material and recording the old.

For this EP I picked some of my favourites to get going with and I've already recorded maybe two other EPs that will see the light of day at some point.

Got My Jet Pack is a song about escape and I wrote it maybe a year or two ago when I was having a tough time at work and I wanted to have a little fun.

The Forgotten Fairy is a sort-of sequel to the Sci-Fried song 'Chosen One'.

Tale of Carter is a song about forbidden love through the eyes of Stargate SG-1's Samantha Carter.

No, I'm Not Incredible is a song about having to hide who you really are through the eyes of Mr Incredible from Disney's The Incredibles.

All these songs are about being different, about having to hide and wanting to not have to do that any more. I hope people enjoy them and can relate in some way. Nerds. We've been bullied. We've been demoralised. But it gets better.

A huge thank you to Dr Vern and KSV and the rest of the guys from Sci-Fried. I couldn't ask for better mentors and better inspirations.

Enjoy the songs!


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