PSA: Don't Be A Troll

The greatest thing about nerd artist is that they get me. Passion. Obsession. Social awkwardness. Anxiety. The good. The bad. They've probably had very similar experiences to me, from convention experiences and the fun that fandoms have to offer to bullying and harassment that geeks often face. This is why I find so many of these artists and their music easily relatable and honest.

Most of them do not have the luxury of doing this for the money. Most of them are independent artists who rely on support to be able to make their music. Some of them work day jobs as well as making music.

So, maybe its nice once in a while to let an artist that you really like know you've enjoyed their work. Take a minute to give a compliment. Maybe let someone know that a song has helped you or made your day better. It's easy to spew criticism over a song, a tour that doesn't have your town on it, merchandise that's not available. These are people doing the best they can without backing from a label. I personally would love to see all the artists I write about on this site continue to make music for years to come and I like to let them know their hard work is appreciated. As an artist myself I know that a nice message can be really motivating. I'm not saying to bombard people with fanmail and declarations of undying love, just maybe think about what and how you say a thing.

So, yeah. Maybe just take a minute to say "hey, I like that song you did." and make an artist smile

"When trolling and negativity are the signs of the time, the most punk rock thing to do is just be nice" - Marc With A C, Try To Just Stop

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