I'm now on Nerdy.fm! Whaaaaat?

Hello everybody!

So, its been crazy nice since I released my first EP. The reception has been warm and I've gotten some lovely comments from some of the musicians I really look up to.

I am really really proud to say that my EP got accepted to be added to Nerdy.fm. Its been on a week and I've gotten a few messages from friends to say they'd just heard a song of mine on the air.
You have no idea how much it means. A lot of the artists on their I adore and respect beyond anything, so to join them really is a dream come true. I listen to the station daily, I know most of the ads by heart now and it is really cool to be a 'Nerdy.fm artist'. Thank you to the guys that run it! You work so hard to bring that station to life.

I'm working on the follow up. Its the final stages of recording and I'm hoping to release it late December/early January. More of the same acoustic fun, this time with vampires slayers and Jedi and superheroes. I'm stoked.

I just dropped a new single which I'm gonna talk about in a new post but there is more coming soon!

Please go and tune into Nerdy.fm. Its amazing and there are so many wonderfully talented artists on there. If you need more convincing here's a review I did recently on the station: read.

As you were,


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