Triforce Tour: You should go!

You know what's cool? When three of your favourite artists release a collection of work together! You know what else is cool? When three of your favourite artists also hold a 12-hour gaming party as a fundraiser for their upcoming tour!

My Parents Favorite Music, Professor Shyguy and DJ RoboRob haven't left my iPod for a very long time. They are some of my most favourite artists currently and in December they are off on tour together in the US. Lucky US! If you're able to see them please please please go and show some support and love to three amazing individuals.

My Parents Favorite Music is Steffo, a chiptune hip hop 8th wonder of the world. Amazing tunes, great rhymes and wonderful to watch on stage. My yearly highlight at Nerdapalooza and its predecessor Orlando Nerd Fest.

Professor Shyguy is one of a kind. Chip tune dance music. He's often seen singing, dancing, playing keyboard, guitar, drums... often all at the same time. No better showman have I seen. And the voice of an angel. I adore Shyguy.

DJ RoboRob is quite possibly the finest DJ I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. Seamlessly works between all different styles of EDM, he's gonna have the place so hyped you'll need a week off from work to recover from all his awesome.

To support this tour and help raise some funds they decided to release an album containing some of the collaborations they've worked on together.

Triforce Collected showcases some of the amazing music you're gonna experience as part of this tour. It features a few new tracks as well for fans who may already own one or two of the albums these songs originally appeared on. This is a real party album. From the grooves of RoboRob works on 'Triforce', the melodies Professor Shyguy provides and the great rap breakdown from Steffo I was really stoked to listen to what in effect is years of friendship expressed through music. I came across MPFM through Professor Shyguy so its only fitting to me that 'The Secret of Homonyms' and 'Win/When' are on this collection. I got into RoboRob through the tracks Steffo (and a few other nerdcore artists) appeared on. MPFM remixed my favourite track with my favourite Shyguy track for a great take on the dangers of procrastination. In some ways, this collection ended up being a greatest hits and I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a good time to buy this. Its a great introduction to three highly talented people, all with some great and sometimes unique takes on the chiptune and VGM genre.

On Thursday they are hosting a 12-hour fundraiser where they'll be streaming some gaming and even have a couple of pieces of merch to give away. If you donate a certain amount, you'll be entered in a drawing to win rare merchandise from the 3 of them. I'm totally stoked to join them for some fun.

Please lend any support you can. These are independent artists who do not have the backing of major labels, the pleasure of doing it for the money or any of those rags to riches stories you hear about on the TV. These three people could do with some enthusiastic crowds and fan support. I wish I was in the US to check out this tour cause that is one heck of a line-up!

Come hang out at the 12-hour streaming party! More details can be found here:

You can donate here:

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