Best of 2014

There have been some fantastic albums released this year. These are some of the ones I've really enjoyed listening to!

Season V – Sci-Fried

I’m not biased. You’re biased! Yes, my favourite band made the list. And for good reason! Season V is a fantastic, much more personal album with some of the best playing and songwriting ever exhibited by the band. With a look at love, loss and all things in between they've delved more into the human side of their subjects. Covering Lord of the Rings, zombies, Iron Man, Hulk, Arrow, Firefly, Star Trek, Star Wars and much more. Read a full review here.

Dimetrodon – The Doubleclicks

I love and adore The Doubleclicks so frakkin' much. This album sees them at their best, further exploring production, instrumentation and a few different styles but continuing to write witty, catchy songs that cannot be mistaken for anyone else. Perhaps one of my favourite purchases this year. Dimetrodon makes me unbelievably happy, even though I wish I'd written almost every song on this record. Everyone needs to love this band!

Malibu Shark Attack - Malibu Shark Attack

Tribe One teams up with Rocky O’Reilly to deliver one hell of an album. At times its a party album but more often than not it delivers poignant moments of self-discovery. It's an album about being yourself and the journey it takes to get there, Genius, heartfelt lyrics from Tribe backed by intricate, impressive production from Rocky. I've had a lot of fun listening to this record and even had the privilege of being at the first show the band played together. Highly recommend checking this and the band out!

Whoopty Whoop – Koo Koo Kanga Roo

This album is KKKR at their most fun. With songs dedicated to pizza, the Unibrow, superheroes and pogo sticks, the duo that brought the Fanny Pack are on top form with some of the best songs they've released yet. I was immediately blown away by the sound on this album. Its the crispest, slickest production yet and the songs are huge and fun. Hours of dancing to be had! The most fun album I own. I got to meet Bryan and Neil on their UK tour this year and chat to them about their music. These guys have an enormous amount to offer the world and they're bringing the fun with them every step of the way. This is a great album for the whole family. I often play it for my 1 year old niece and she loves dancing away to it!

Mount Weird – My Parents Favorite Music

This is my favourite album from Steffo so far. It’s a lot of fun, really well produced and the lyrics are damn catchy and relatable. Ice Clock is now my personal anthem. Steffo really has a way of making amazing tunes that you never get tired of listening to. Great party music, great gaming music, I've been playing this for anyone who will listen and it's an instant hit. I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes next!

Have An Okay Time With Claire and the Potatoes - Claire and the Potatoes

What happens when you combine the genius of Marc With A C and Milk Carton Superstars with the heavenly voice of Leslie Rising? This amazing album happens! Nostalgic at the same time as being fresh and new. It's a fun album, created by some very talented individuals The album twists and turns through fun, witty, sarcastic, socially observant, outright funny and poignant. This wasn't just another Marc With A C or Milk Carton Superstars album. Its came to be something much more special. Something unique and enjoyable. I'm sad to see the band end after this achievement but I hope many more people will listen to this album and enjoy it as much as I did.

History Repeating: Red - The Megas

I've never played Mega Man, though I desperately want to. This album completely captured my attention when it was added to rotation on They're able to weave a story of  a struggling hero and make you really invested in the journey even without knowing the franchise. Having worked my way through their catalogue of work you can really see that they've honed their songwriting skills with this being their best work yet. Really love the use of synthesisers on this album and they've really got the hang of weaving the guitars together. This really brings Mega Man to life for me and I'm dying to play the game now!

The Snuggle Is REAL - Mikal kHill

I really love kHill's production, he's one of my favourite producers and I'm instantly on board when I see his name listed. So when he announced this release I instantly pre-ordered. This hasn't left my tape deck since release. The songs are so well crafted, catchy, heartfelt and the list of guest rappers is so unbelievable. Its a who's who of the nerdcore scene. I really love this album because its been a great comfort. This one is for the outsiders, for the people who feel like sometimes they don't fit in. And it lets you know you're not the only one, to an amazing backdrop of nostalgic 90s flavour hip hop. I love kHill's work and this is one of my favourite things to see him write and produce to date! Get this! Get the cassette tape. It just adds to the atmosphere of the record. I've had it on repeat for the last two months and it's not likely to get replaced anytime soon.

Question Bedtime - MC Frontalot

Probably one of my favourite themed albums of all time. Such a clever concept, really. And only Frontalot could pull it off in this way. Maybe the most bizarre Frontalot album to date but definitely the most interesting, an album based on bedtime stories from around the world. Frontalot's unmistakable lyrical flare spins the tales in unique ways and makes for a wonderful auditory experience. This one I highly recommend to literature buffs!

The Near Future - I Fight Dragons

I Fight Dragons back on top form. This is the IFD I feel in love with on Cool Is Just A Number. This is what I wanted to hear on their first LP but it just seemed to lack the energy this new album seems to have. If you order this album directly from them for $8.99 you receive the full album and an album containing the demos that didn't make it on to the album. Its a whole lot of good times. They worked so hard on this, from the top notch songwriting to the fantastic production. So happy to see that all the hard work paid off. Get this album!

Digital Champions: Migdal Bavel - Alpha Riff + MZ

One of my favourite new discoveries this year is Alpha Riff. I was drawn to him for his amazing flow, his powerful productions and the incredible stories he's able to weave in his songs. I was drawn into sci-fi, gaming, etc because of the element of escapism. Alpha Riff takes that to a whole other level with his music. He creates entire worlds, characters and transports you on a ride thats backed by some of the finest music to enter the nerdcore scene in a long time. Digital Champions promises to be a huge experience but this first chapter is itself a great adventure. As someone who loves gaming I really enjoy the story of a digital bounty hunter and his AI as they try to save the day but honestly, the way the songs build on the story, the guest artists inhabit their characters and the ways Alpha weaves his web of production on the music is a wonder for the ears to behold. I really enjoy this album and I hope this will become a franchise that will take of. Alpha is one to watch going forward. More than an artist, he's creating something for us all to take part in!

The Nerd Punk Guide To The Galaxy - Thundering Asteroids 

Punk rock nerdy goodness. What more do you need? Thundering Asteroids! really know how to bring the fun to their topic of choice and this new album continues the amazing work that caught my attention of 2012's Tomorrow's Yesterdays Today!

History 1-1 - Professor Shyguy

Pretty much everything Shyguy touches turns to gold, so a cover album featuring collaborations with some of the scenes best artists being incredible should be no surprise. Professor Shyguy takes some of the most famous songs in the word and not only makes them his own, he makes them work even better in his chiptune style. I'm completely obsessed with the They Might Be Giants cover he's done with The Doubleclicks. Its a great album, good for parties and gaming and reminds you of quite a few gems you may have forgotten about. Review here

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