Music To Listen To: The Doubleclicks

Women are really unrepresented in this community of musicians. Sure, there are quite a few female musicians that I can name but the ratio is heavily skewed in favour of male musicians. So, it was really refreshing to me, as a female nerd musician, to find The Doubleclicks.

The Doubleclicks are a duo from Portland, Oregon. A duo who happen to be sisters. Angela plays the guitar and ukulele and also sings while Aubrey plays the cello and sings. Let's take a minute here. Cello. Aubrey plays the cello. And it’s amazing.

Together they make great acoustic nerd comedy music. With songs about dinosaurs, Wonder Woman, the problem with men, more dinosaurs, gaming, etc. they’re winning everyone’s hearts effortlessly. And I find it so endearing that they are sisters. Its nice to watch them smiling with pride at each other. Me and my brother can't sit in the same room together without bickering, can't imagine being in a band with him!

With three albums, a kids EP, more songs that I can count on both hands and just as many videos on YouTube there is so much to enjoy. Armed with songs for most situations, including social anxiety at parties, the problem with 'bad boys',  going to conventions and those days when your velociraptor is having identity issues. There is no one I would praise more. I adore these two wonderful musicians.

I'd heard of The Doubleclicks through other artists that I liked. Paul and Storm, Adam Warrock and Kirby Krackle were all singing their praises. They were quickly becoming everyones favourite band and with good reason. They are intelligent, funny and talented musicians capable of writing witty and entertaining songs. I heard some of their songs on and immediately noticed a few things. They were singing songs that I immediately connected with and enjoyed. Finally, here was a band that truly got me and my point of view with songs women can relate to. They got my reluctance to hang out at clubs, my joy of watching Star Trek on Netflix in my onesie for a whole week and they weren't afraid of talking about it. In a world where women are shamed and abused for being geeks they aren't afraid to stand up and be themselves. And that's really what we need more of. Strong women who are being creative and passionate and role models for young girls everywhere.

They have a great talent and ease of blending comedy and sarcasm with geeky references while still being able to talk about issues such a body image and sexism. And dinosaurs. You can't not love a good dinosaur song. Chainmail and Cello is a great indicator of what you get when you go to one of their shows, it being the first album which is an acoustic album featuring just Angela and Aubrey doing what they do. Lasers and Feelings and Dimetrodon really shows a growth with the fleshing out of arrangements to include a fuller band sound. They really hit the nail on the head with the songwriting on these albums too.  I really love the title track Lasers and Feelings. Its one of my all-time favourite Doubleclicks track, reminding me a little of Dr Horrible (which they recently covered a song from with Professor Shyguy). And it has one of the best music videos.

When Orlando Nerd Fest came round The Doubleclicks were on my list of bands to watch over the livestream and I was absolutely blown away by their set. They were funny, charismatic, knew how to talk to the audience and, even though I was half the world away watching on my laptop, it felt like a warm atmosphere. A set that was easy to enjoy, covered a wide range of geeky topics
What I like best is that they keep their music simple. The thing I adore most about these two people is their attitude of 'we are who we are'. There is no pretence. They aren't trying to conform to anyone’s opinion of what a nerd group should be. They write in their own style, have a somewhat unique and rewarding approach to their projects.

Its great to be a fan. A new song or cover is released each month as part of their Monthly Song Monday project which keeps fresh material and entertainment coming in between albums. They frequently ask for fan participation in new videos. Once a month they do a livestream concert via YouTube.

Already collaborating with so many wonderful artists from the scene. Kirby Krackle, Professor Shyguy, Adam Warrock and I hope we'll continue to see these friendships blossom musically. I'm just gonna put this out there, I really hope to see them work with Marc With A C (hi Marc! *coughcough*) at some point in time. *prays to the nerd music Gods*

In short, OHMYFRAKKINGODSTHEDOUBLECLICKS! They are so inspiring and have quickly become two people that I look up to and try to learn from. When I grow up (mind you, I am 24!) I want to be The Doubleclicks.

Favourite album: Dimetrodon
This is the latest album and it’s filled with amazing tracks. It really sounds like they found their footing with the production on this album. The previous album, Lasers and Feelings, was their first album to feature a fuller band production but this really nails implementing the use of all those extra parts and allows the duo to have a little more fun with their music. Tracks like Ennui and Tabletop really take a bold step for the two. Also, any album featuring Adam Warrock automatically makes me hand over money.

Favourite song: I Love You Burrito
This is the epitome of the 'I wish I'd written that!' that song. I really love this song because not only is it funny but it really is how I feel about my girlfriend. And also, I really really love Mexican food. So it covers  all the bases for me. Simple and catchy.

Oh, one final note. I am totally obsessed with the cover they did why Professor Shyguy on this new album which I posted a review for yesterday!

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