Review: Professor Shyguy's 'History 1-1'

Professor Shyguy never fails to amaze. I'm a proud fan and have all his releases so far, but this new cover album is honestly one of the best efforts to date.

His pitch: to collaborate with other artists in the scene to cover a song by an artist that inspired both of them. Simple enough. 

What actually occurs is an amazing mix of some iconic songs from the past few decades that any fan of these artist will probably already be deeply familiar with. Cover albums are a risky venture. You may love these songs but its never guaranteed that your fanbase is going to take to them as much as you did. In true Shyguy style, he makes the songs his own. Even if you don't know the original you'll find something to love here because this is Professor Shyguy. There's no mistaking it. Even if you loved the original he manages to stay true, even with all the chiptune and bitcrushed drums. There's so much love flowing through the performance, both from Shyguy and the guest artists. I can only imagine how much fun this was to make and it's fun to listen to. 

I've said a few times that my favourite thing about this scene is the friendships that take place and its great to see all the collaborations on this one. With Molly Lewis, The Doubleclicks, I Fight Dragons, Unwoman, Amanda Lepre, World Is Square, Urizen, Ashly Burch and Kieran Strange its filled with amazing talent.

The song that really won me over was Weezer cover 'El Scorcho'. We all know Weezer. We all love Weezer. Shyguy and I Fight Dragons really knock it outta the park on that track. 

The biggest surprise of the album of me is the cover of Muse's 'Plug-In Baby'. I really dislike that song. It comes from years of hearing really bad covers of it performed by bands at the studio I work in. But hearing that distinctive riff performed in the Gameboy style works magic. It transforms into a song of adventure. Fantastic take on one of Muse's biggest hits.

Its great to watch Professor Shyguy on his musical journey. With each release his sound is richer and better defined, well crafted and more ambitious. I'm really looking forward to watch he has in store for us next but for now History 1-1 is on repeat and will be for some time.

What an amazing take on some really iconic songs! Shyguy knows how to bring the party every time. Talented and so skilled at his craft.

Favourite song: Ana Ng (feat. The Doubleclicks)

Somehow its like this song was destined to become a Shyguy cover and no better choice is there than getting The Doubleclicks involved. 

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