When I Grow Up EP out now!

Happy 2015! 

New year, new EP. Back with another four songs, free to download (or pay-what-you-want).
When I Grow Up... is a song I wrote years ago about all the things I wanted to be when I was a kid. I was a massive Buffy and Xena fan, I watched Star Trek with my Dad, we regularly watched Star Wars and I loved watching Stargate and always used to play space games with my little brother. We watched Marvel Action Hour every Saturday morning along with X-Men and Spider-man and my brother and I would pretend to be superheroes for the rest of the weekend. These are all still things I wanna be and will always love.

Destructo Girl was written for a friend that had been going through a hard time. It was inspired by Buffy and Charmed and the struggle the heroes often went through.

Fallen Heroes is a song for all the characters that met an untimely end. The hardest thing about getting into a show is when you're favourite character dies. Some people where sadists when it came to killing off characters too... I'm looking at you Joss Whedon! Some just traumatised the fandom forever... I'm looking at you Jack Kenny! 

Here's To You is a song inspired by the friendship of Xena and Gabrielle. I used to dedicate this to my friends when I played it live.

I hope y'all enjoy this. It was pretty fun. Most of these are older songs that I've rewritten, newer lyrics and entirely different music. If you go to my YouTube page you'll find some videos from 2010? 2009? of me performing one of two of these tracks. Its nice to finally finish them.


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