Hey everybody!

I really miss doing the reviews and blogging. Currently my laptop is in need of repair. The keyboard has fallen apart and I can't type anything with it.

But I've got plenty to come as soon as its fixed!

The new EP is almost complete. I'm hoping it will be out in March. Four new songs. Fan life, Tomb Raider, Riese the Series and Warehouse 13 all get a song.

I've started writing for the follow up too.

I released a single at the start of February. It is dedicated to one of my favourite ladies, Jaime Murray. If you're a Jaime Murray fan, like me, you'll know that the most difficult thing about following the Unicorn Queen is watching her characters die. Repeatedly. I swear no one has performed more death scenes. Except maybe Sean Bean. I really hope she survives season 3 of Defiance.

I have some plans that will hopefully find their way on to YouTube soon.

I would just like to end on this note.

The world lost a wonderful soul. Leonard Nemoy inspired countless generations of young geeks. People who were alone, were different, were lost souls. They all found comfort in his work. Thank you for all that you've given to us Mr Nemoy. You will be missed but we will treasure you always. You live on in the hearts on Trekkies everywhere. In our work. In our art.

You are now and will always be our friend. LLAP.

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