Brand New EP out now!

Hey, hey, hey!

Finally gotten my laptop repaired so I'm back and ready to start updating more regularly. Also, gonna start getting the reviews going again.

I have a new EP out.

I Didn't Know What To Name This EP is now free on my bandcamp. Four new geek rock songs. This time a little less acoustic and a little more rock.

All Aboard The SS Fangirl  is a little poke at the world of shipping. I'm entirely guilty of being a huge shipper at times (my song Ballad of Carter is an example of this!) and in A Curiosity, Darling we wrote a lot of songs for the Bering and Wells ship. Sometimes it can get completely outta hand. But most of the time its quite fun and often silly.

Girl and Her Wolf was written in 2010 and is inspired by a web series called Riese the Series. It was a Canadian production and later got picked up by Syfy and I think you can find it on Netflix. I wrote this for a fan contest they were having and this won. I went to a convention later that year and later bumped into one of the writers who came over to say hi to me and a friend who was wearing a tshirt from the show. We got to talking and she mentioned that there was this fan who wrote and song and they all loved it and I was like 'That's me!!!'. I've wanted to record it properly for years ever since.

Survivor is based on the events of the Tomb Raider reboot. I've been a Lara fan since I watched my Dad play the original PS1 games when I was a kid and Tomb Raider has been one of my favourite franchises ever since. The music came first and it seemed to really fit the tone of the latest game. Lara got the crap kicked outta her but she kept on fighting.

Mission Accomplished was a song that was originally written for my Warehouse 13 inspired band A Curiosity, Darling and was meant to go on our next EP but it was never completed. I put it on our site to commiserate the final episodes of the show. It got a lot of love. I wanted to release it to a newer audience this time. I love love love Warehouse 13 and I really wanted to give them some love with this solo work and this is one of my favourite songs to come out of ACD too.

I really hope you enjoy this new set of songs. I'm constantly trying new things and trying to keep things exciting and interesting. Go get yourself the tracks! I'll sit here and wait for you...

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