N.E.R.D. Redux, We Are The Heroes and Hello

Things have been busy but so much fun in TheFifthSister camp lately. So much to tell you about!

I recently worked with Alpha Riff to mix and remaster some of the tracks from his original EP’s for re-release. N.E.R.D Redux will be out 30th June but you can get it free by joining The Horse Men.

I spent a week locked up in the studio editing and mixing his vocals and mastering the tracks. I even had the honour of being asked to record vocals for my all-time favourite Alpha track! I ACTUALLY GOT TO SING ON WE ARE THE HEROES!!!!! I’ll be a guest artist on his upcoming Digital Champions release so I’ve been recording parts for that too. Let me tell you, when he asked me to sing on some of his stuff I was running around screaming about it. I was so goddamn happy!

We’ve also been writing a new collaboration together. “Hello”, is the upcoming new single I’ve been teasing across social media for the past few weeks and it’s a song I’m very very proud of. Its a song about being yourself. Its a song about being proud to be a geek or a nerd or whatever you wanna call yourself. Its about not letting people beat you down with labels and expectations. I asked him to hop on this track. I'd been writing the instrumental for a little while and had a vague idea of what it was about and what I wanted from him. He agreed. This is probably the most excited I have been about a song. I worked hard and gave him the music and the parts I'd written and HOLY HELL THIS GUY!!! Alpha took it and made it 1000x times better than I could have imagined. He took it to a whole new level.

Hello is currently a Nerdy.fm exclusive with a release date coming soon!

What can I say? Its been amazing to work with Alpha. He's been a big influence and inspiration and I'm very fortunate to call him a friend. Words can't describe how much fun these projects we've been working on together have been. Here's to many more years of collaborating! I love you dude <3

I've also spent a bit of time shooting some videos that I'm currently slaving away trying to edit.
Hopefully once they're done I can announce the general release for Hello. For now, tune into Nerdy.fm to catch it as it's been added exclusively to their rotation. 

Check out my buddy Alpha Riff at www.alphariff.com
Tune into Nerdy.fm


- tfs x

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