Seven Days project!

Hey, hey, hey!

I'm here today to talk to you about Seven Days.

I thought it would be a neat idea if I and my partner (who is a writer and future bestselling author) tried out one of those '30 day writing challenges' and managed to talk myself into it. It'll be great, I said. You'll find some great inspiration and write songs you may never have thought of otherwise. It'll be a snap. My partner looked at me like I was nuts.

For those who don't know what a '30 day challenge' is, its when you're given a list of 30 ideas/prompts and you create something based on the idea it gives you. One idea/prompt per day. I have a full time job, an EP or two to finish and a production job going on so I'm running my challenge as a weekly one to fit it in with my schedule. One prompt a week. Finished and a video posted by the end of the week capturing the finished song.

Sounds simple? Heh heh heh. I hope so.

You'll find links to the songs, the prompts for each week and lyrics updated on a weekly basis in the Seven Days tab above. Its a great list that I've got and I'm hoping some really awesome songs are going to come out of this.

I hope you enjoy.

Sit back, relax and watch me slowly go mad... madder.

- TFS x

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