Mega Ran's "RNDM"

Mega Ran is back and better than ever with his new album RNDM!

Mega Ran is a true legend of the scene. He brings soul and an intense honesty to his music and delivers it in a way that both gentle and moving, whilst still bringing a party.

He makes music on his own terms; one to blaze the trail rather than follow the herd. He stands out amongst a crowd of people spitting rhymes over gameboy soundtracks.

So, with the new release of RNDM its great to see Mega Ran continuing to push the boundaries of his own music and not bow to what everyone else is making.

Ran steps back for a minute to reflect. This where I've been and what I've gone through. This led me to the person I am today. This album is insightful as well as inspiring, as if he's sitting down next to you and saying "you're not alone, I've been there too but you will get through it in time." It's a journey of development, the road taken and the struggles endured to get here. I love the honesty of tracks like The Meeting, Laughing At Ya and Revisions . He pays a lovely tribute to Frontalot, Lars and MC Chris in Rushmore. He lays down his hopes for his legacy in Infinite Lives and Your Favorite Song. Introvert Bars is so painfully familiar to me that I found myself smirking and nodding along with every line. He brings us to his nerdcore present with Space Defense Team. And then its on to his future.

I want to dub this album 'hopecore' cause that's what it offers the listener. It's an album to be inspired by.

Powerful beats provided by some of the scenes top producers, an impressive list of guest artists and catchy hooks layered between Ran's signature flow. This is a well produced, professionally executed and extremely well crafted record. A smooth blend of chip-tune, hip hop, soul and everything in between that Ran and his producers can throw at you. He may have started out small but now he's part of the nerdcore elite and, personally, someone to look up to.

This album touched my heart. There's joy, there's hurt and there's healing and hope. I'm loving the more personal direction artists across the scene have taken of late and RNDM is one of the finest examples I can present to you.

Be sure to grab yourself a copy today at Available as an instant download, on CD, casette, vinyl and part of various packages

Twitter: @megaran

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