Chamber Band's "Careers"

I'm going to state this first and foremost; I think Careers is going to be one of the main contenders for the "best of 2015" title.
Careers is the new album from Chamber Band, inspired by the Hunger Games series. Now, that's not to say you can't enjoy this album without having read the books or watched the films because you can. The band have managed to craft an album for everyone to enjoy.

I was completely blown away by this record. Powerful, moving and amazing. The songs are well written, memorable and catchy.

Chamber Band are a band that certainly know their craft and, for a band with five members, they know how to make music with the scope of a big band. This is an album that reflects the tensions of the story and world it’s inspired by. There are references layered within every song but I’m happy to see that Chamber Band haven’t fallen into the trap of just re-telling the story. Instead have found a way to explore the thoughts and emotions going through this universe while making songs that can be relatable for the listener. A very hard feat considering the setting!

I love the pacing of this album; the moments of quiet, character reflection in slower, more mellow songs such as Baker’s Boy, Love Left and The Nut. They really suck you into what is going through someone’s head in those moments and make you feel, before the chaos of the games takes over and all hell breaks lose in the faster, upbeat numbers like Victory Tour and Careers. It is entirely clever!

From start to finish frantic guitars, stirring piano, pounding drums, driving bass and witty, yet insightful lyrics seep with love and passion for every second of music produced.

I don't want to give too much away because this an album that you have to experience. Take an hour and really immerse yourself in the rhythms and the feelings that the band have expressed.

I’m really happy to see an evolution in their sound but also see them sticking to making music that’s accessible for everyone regardless of the world they’re inspired by. Top notch production and arrangement. I find it easy to say that this is one of the best albums I’ve heard for a long while.

I raise my hand in salute to you Chamber Band!

Check out an all-new interview with Cap (Nerdy Show) and myself with the band in a Nerdy.FM Listening Party where we'll be debuting the entire album this coming Monday (October 5th 2015) at 8pm EST and again at 3am EST
It was a complete blast talking to these awesome people and they had some great stories to share!

Be sure to tune in at and head over to to snag a copy of Careers

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