MC Lars "Zombie T-Rex" Review

MC Lars is back and he’s more joyful than ever! This album is so full of fun and joy, just like everyone's favourite post punk laptop rapper.

For longtime Lars fans, there are throwbacks to some of his most popular tracks as he brings them into the modern day. Where Ya Been Lars? II shows us the journey Lars has been on the last few years and all he's accomplished so far. I love the sense of humour that he's managed to keep since The Graduate and that he's acknowledging his roots. Hipster Mom sees Hipster Girl grown up, married and with kids. She’s not really changed a whole lot though. Annnnnnnnnnnd apparently she was once the fiancée of Blake from Signing Emo (and Dubstep if you’ve heard the new mixtape!) Mind. Blown.

By now we've all heard Dragon's Blood and The Ballad of Hans Moleman and we all love them. These were always bound to join the heavy hitters that grace a Lars setlist and with good reason. I adore this new Simpson’s track. It make me unbelievably joyful when it comes on and is quite possibly the best song Lars has ever made.

Favourite moment on this record is the heartwarming Never Afraid (feat Watsky) in which the two MCs pay tribute to their mothers and childhoods. After hearing this it is easy to see how Lars could turn out to be the lovely guy we know and love. Another great moment is the freaking hilarious The Top 10 Things To Never Say On A First Date. I was really excited when Lars announced a Zelda track on the new album but boy oh boy is that not what I expected. Triforce hits you hard, fills your heart meter with feels and is a beautiful way to end an album that is both equals parts introspection and the things that Lars loves.

Zombie T-Rex, Sublime With Rome and Forgot About Jack stand out as classic examples of Lars. Where he takes something no one else is talking about and makes you agree with him. Zombie T-Rex is also one of the best “hype” songs I’ve ever heard.

I mean, this album even has a song inspired by Who Framed Roger Rabbit? That alone makes this album amazing in my eyes. I love that film and The Dip is the biggest, baddest, catchiest tribute to Judge Doom. This one is always on repeat in my house cause we all love it.

Some amazing collaborations on this record. I Fight Dragon’s front man Brian Mazzaferri, Watsky, Kool Keith, Spose, STZA Crack from Leftover Crack, Suburban Legends and I noticed Rocky O’Reilly worked on a track too, who is one of my favourite producers. What a line-up!

I adore Lars and with this new release its hard for anyone to argue that he's not the most joyous, talented and loveable guy in the scene. A nice marriage of the sounds and styles of all his albums to date. It’s a great jumping off point for new fans for this very reason and would be the one I’d recommend to anyone listening for the first time. Another amazing record and more reasons to love this guy.

Bucket loads of fun, top notch production and Lars continues to push the boundaries of the styles he combines and the music he writes. He’s continuing to write on topics other artists aren’t covering. He continues to bring joy and his heart to everything. He’s still bringing his message “everything is gonna be okay, just hang in there, let’s do this together.”

Zombie T-Rex was worth the wait and all his hard work has paid off. An amazing album and I urge everyone to go and grab a copy. Also, check out Lars live. He puts on the best shows.

Lars just keeps getting better!

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