Best of 2015

In need of a few last minute gift ideas? Why not try one of this year’s best albums and really show your friends and family that you love them?

Adam Warrock – Gifted Students
Adam Warrock is one of the best at what he does and this EP is a great indication of the direction he’s been moving in lately. Backed by production from Mikal kHill (who is my favourite producer) this has been a staple of my listening habits all year.

Chamber Band – Careers
I honestly think this is the best album to not only come out this year, but to come out in recent years. It’s absolutely amazing and I can’t stop listening to it. Ideal for fans of the Hunger Games but easily accessible to everyone.

The Doubleclicks – President Snakes
After another successful Kickstarter campaign, the duo came back with another great album filled with amazing nerd anthems and songs for the socially awkward. The Doubleclicks have gone back to their roots on this one, producing it themselves and the heart really shines through. Two of my favourite songwriters, this album is filled with witty, intelligent songs produced with the upmost professionalism. And Cats At Parties is on this one. Which we all know is one of the best songs ever written.

Insane Ian – Greatest Hits
Insane Ian released a collection of some of his best songs and what a great setlist! Insane Ian is one of my favourite comedy artists and this is a great way to introduce new fans to his music, as well as a nice way to relive some classics. Highly recommend this one to anyone who enjoys laughter.

Kirby Krackle – Mutate, Baby!
If Pearl Jam made geek rock this is what it would sound like. A more personal album from KK but this was an amazing listen. Kyle has really honed his songwriting and was able to write some really relatable, honest songs whilst still keeping them completely geeky and accessible to fans all around the world.

Marc With A C – Exactly Where I Am
This is my favourite release from Marc. Songs are beautifully crafted, with the right amount of Marc’s humour and sincerity mixed in. I’ve loved listening to this album. It’s a more modern take on his lo-fi sound but it’s the same honest songwriting that we’re already fans of. I will recommend this album time and time again.

MC Lars – Zombie T-Rex
This may have been in the works for a while but boy, was it worth the wait. Lars came back bigger and more joyful than ever. With instant classics like Ballad of Hans Moleman and Dragon’s Blood, this is destined to be one of Lars’ biggest albums of all time.

Mega Ran – RNDM
I honestly felt so moved when I heard this album. It’s the perfect pick me up when I need a little push and a little inspiration. Ran acknowledges his roots and the path he’s walked, all the while providing the message that everything will be okay if you just keep going. Truly beautiful album. 

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Not Your Typical Victorian
The Men are back with their best album yet. Funny, thought provoking and at times downright  on the mark. Not only does it shine a light on the dark and dank areas of this often glorified Victorian age culture but they also manage commentary on today’s world too. The songwriting and production on this album, as well as the song concepts themselves, are outstanding. This band have a real knack for straddling the line between satire and outlandishness and it pays off majorly with this release.

Professor Elemental – Apequest
Professor Elemental unleashes his first concept album on the world and what a delightful journey it is. At the end of Father of Invention he loses his ape butler Geoffrey when he dons the Professors time travel trousers and in this album the Professor journeys through time to save him. Honestly, this is a barrel of laughs as well as being really well written and carried out.

Professor Shyguy – Fragmentations
There is no denying that Shyguy knows how to write a damn good song and it’s been 2 years since his last album of original material. So a chip-popera shouldn’t be too much of a stretch, right? Shyguy’s writing is the best I’ve heard it and the arrangements are out of this world.

Steam Powered Giraffe – The Vice Quadrant
Billed as a space opera, this album sees the robot band journeying through space and introduces new characters to the SPG lore. Very much a blend of previous albums, the band have fleshed out their style and their sound is fuller and richer than ever. A lot of laughs and a whole heap of heartache with this one.

Sulfur – Re: Birth
I’ve always been a fan of Sulfur’s style so I was quite excited to check out this album and it didn’t disappoint. Hypnotic flow, right balance of humour, nerdiness and honesty and some truly amazing production. Sulfur is up there with the nerdcore elite and on this album he’s proving he’s got what it takes to be considered the best. A great experience and an album I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys hearing a master at work

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