Music To Listen To: Wordburglar's Rapplicable Skills

Wordburglar is part of the elite and Rapplicable Skills is another reason to love him!

Wordburglar is a name that any nerdcore fan should know. He's been making fantastic tunes for years and with his latest release Rappicable Skills, he's continuing to prove why he's a name not to ignore.

The guy is a wizard when it comes to his lyrics. I found myself mesmerized quite a few times at the clever word play, the rhythm of his rhymes and his smooth delivery backed by some amazing music production.

Its a fun and catchy album, some of the songs sounding like instant classics. Quotes slipped in with ease between extraordinary one-liners. There doesn't seem to be a franchise left untouched throughout the album, from Game of Thrones to Hockey. Some of my favourites on this record are opening track Word The Frig Up and Je Ne Care Pas.

Impressive array of guest stars to appear on this record. Mega Ran and Frontalot are always a sure sign of an album you should own and tear it up on their tracks!

The thing that's always struck me about Wordburglar is he has a little something for everyone. He's always seemed, to me at least, like an artist who can bridge the gap between nerdcore and mainstream with his rhymes and music. His songs are laced with quotes, the right amount of tongue-in-cheek humour, all backed by outstanding beats and production. He's able to maintain a level of intelligence and wit, while not alienating the listener. He challenges you to really engage with the content and if you do so, its going to pay off. Wordburglar is proving why he deserves to a place amongst nerdcore's elite. He's one of the best and this new album is amazing.

These are clever, intelligent songs and I really enjoyed listening. Rapplicable Skills is definitely on my list for best of 2015!

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