Music To Listen To: Insane Ian

Insane Ian is one of the finest comedy artists around at the minute, specializing in parodies. He's a featured artist over at the FuMP and a regular on

Ian has released some of my favourite parodies over the years and has an extensive body of work. There is something for everything. Literally. Name a genre and he’s probably done it. Ian is a natural no matter what style he's doing, he seamlessly switches between rap and singing. He seems comfortable with whatever genre he's working with and knows how to get a great laugh while writing amazing, witty lyrics. He's able to tell a story while delivering a good time and making his audience feel like they can relate to the subject. His mind makes connections between a song and a franchise that us meer mortals could only hope for. He's a nerd's nerd, a complete professional and I cannot recommend him enough. He’s no “YouTube artist” either. He employs all the best production to deliver you a polished product to enjoy time and time again.
If you're new to his work I would recommend starting with his recently released Greatest Hit(s) collection, 19 of his best tracks. You’ll never hear the radio the same way again after you’ve heard this!
Kicking off with Guitar Hero, an ode to the Activision game. This song is fantastically produced and a song that anyone who has played the game will immediately relate to. Gamers will also enjoy Achievement Unlocked, MvL and Dig Dug. Bom-Omb is particularly spectacular. Ian is really passionate about video games and this topic is where his music really shines. He wears his geek heart on his sleeve and it makes me proud to enjoy gaming when I hear these tracks.
One of the first song that ever drew me to Insane Ian was his Harry Potter track Hey There, Hermoine. Beautiful yet makes me smirk every time I hear it. Parody of Weezer's Buddy Holly, Harry Potter also joins the set list which is a must hear for any nerd music fan!

Other great tracks include We’re All Gonna Die, which sees Schäffer The Darklord hop on this original song along with Devo Spice and Kiki Canon. You may have caught some buzz after Ian released his tribute to Benedict Cumberbatch, a song about all the trivia you would need to know about the actors as well as poking fun at the fact that so many people have trouble pronouncing his name (my Nan calls him Benedict Cucumber!)  

"Benedict Cumberbatch" was the #1 most requested song on the Dr Demento Show for 2015, and it's up for TWO Logan Awards (aka the Comedy Music Awards) next week. One for Outstanding Original Comedy Song and one for Outstanding Original Comedy Music Video. Now, that is something to boast about. Congratulations Ian. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Joss, Give Me A Season ought to be a song that touches Whedonverse fans everywhere. Fox has made some mistakes over the years!

Live...Because, Why not? cover art

If you want to keep this party rolling I suggest trying out his recently released live album Live... Because, Why Not?. Some of my favourite songs didn’t make it on to the greatest hits but they are present here on the live album and in some ways, with Ian on stage and in his element, they’re even better than the album release. I’m especially impressed by his one man rendition of It’s Burgertime, originally a track that saw My Parents Favorite Music collaborate.
Insane Ian knows how to put on a show and he’s a top class entertainer, as is on display on both these records. I urge you to delve deeper into his catalogue and he’s always releasing new stuff. There is plenty to enjoy from one of the finest comedic musicians the world has to offer currently.

Check out Insane Ian at

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