Review: Sulfur's 'Re: Birth'

The nerdcore scene got a whole lot grander with Sulfur's latest release

Now I must admit that I've always been a fan of Sulfur's style but I'm more familiar with his work with Mikal kHill and ThoughtCriminals. I was pretty excited when he released his latest record Re:  Birth last year.

Immediately I was struck by a hypnotic flow that first attracted me to his work, unmistakably his signature. Songs are witty and clever, leaving you speechless with the amount of excellent wordplay, dry wit and layers of nerd references. From the second he started spitting lyrics I knew it was going to be a great ride.

I really found myself blown away at the rapid fire at which his verses are delivered. This isn't your typical hip-hop or nerdcore. This is a thinking person’s album. Smooth, classic tunes laced with intelligence and cracking one-liners. There seems to have been a movement in recent years of making the music more personal and using the nerd stuff as a point of reference and this album is an amazing example of this. Sulfur is a master at this.

Sulfur has tapped some of the best producers out there, my personal favourite being kHill, and this helps to cement this as an outstanding album. Every track works with the next seamlessly, sounding better than any other hip hop album you’ll find in the charts. There is so much heart and soul poured into this from everyone involved.

Standout tracks for me are High Score, Layman's Genius and One Step At A TimeHigh Score ought to be a track that most gamers will identify with. Layman's Genius is a great example of the wit I've seen from Sulfur over the years and that its just as cool to be yourself then pretending to be something more. One Step At A Time sees Sulfur joined by Random and Nem to discuss the roads they’ve travelled and the hardwork they’ve put in. It’s a truly inspiring song and one I recommend to any artists to listen to.

The nerdcore I enjoy best are the artists that can humour and nerdiness with skill and the right amount of honesty. Sulfur straddles this line masterfully and its really enjoyable listening to his lyrics and his delivery. He’s just here to be himself and he seems like a guy I’d wanna hang with.

I really loved this record and I hope people will give it a listen. 

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