Review: Pulled From Panels 'VS.'

Every once in a while you discover a band that takes your breath away.
One band that was love at first listen for me was nerd rock band Pulled From Panels.

Hailing from Ontario, this trio are making music inspired by comic books, TVs and movies. Okay, so that’s most bands I review, right? There’s something fresh and unique about their acoustic punk rock approach to song writing. Their songs seep emotion and you can hear how they really connected to the material. Their first album, the 6 track THWP! THWP! began their exploration of the Marvel world, focusing heaving on Spider-man.

On March 25th the band return with their new album VS. Let me tell you, as soon as I heard the opening bars of the first track I was hooked.

Kicking off the powerful track The Piano, the band paint a picture of a Wolverine who is struggling to deal with death of Nightcrawler, his dear friend, and the promise he’s made to him. Now, I’m more familiar with the 90s X-Men so I didn’t know this particular storyline so well but as I listened to it I could picture the whole thing clearly and it tugged at my heartstrings. The same can be said for the track that follows, A Song For Betty, in which Bruce Banner tries to explain why they can’t be together. Where are my tissues?

These songs are explosive and passionate while completely inhabiting the mind and hearts of two iconic characters. It's easy to imagine Bruce standing off in the distance, Betty unaware he's there, and he watches her go about her day as he tells himself it's all for the best.

Old Man Logan is a storyline I vaguely know but haven't gotten around to reading but this song really take us along the journey as we see Logan, the Wolverine persona having died, deal with the threats of the supervillains running things. It's another great insight into the mind of a character that many know but by this point is much more of a stranger to us. It's incredible once again to feel like I'm standing in Logan's shoes and glimpsing what he might be feeling.

VS. is a surprising track but it really pops. It's an instrumental but it really does fit this world we've been led into. Takes me back to early Marvel cartoons.

Winter Soldier tells Bucky Barnes' tale and is one of the best tracks on the album in my opinion. It deals with the hardships that have befallen and takes us right from WWII to the present day. This song is damn catchy. Damn damn catchy. I'm constantly blown away by the lyrics in this one too. PFP have proven in quite a few of their songs that they are intelligent songwriters, using all the best comic book and scientific lingo within their lyrics. Show me any band in mainstream that can rhyme like that!

You'd be forgiven for thinking that PFP are a purely Marvel band based on the previous tracks but right at the end they've tucked in a beautifully moving song for any Whovians out there. Time Flies is a heart-breaking tale of time travel with companions who are always destined to leave you.

This is a band that are going to do great things. They're talented songwriters, making music that is not only moving but catchy, wonderfully arranged and they know how to be clever with their approach to performance. They really know how to tell a story, which can sometimes be forgotten in this genre.

This whole album really touched my heart. There was just something special about it that ignited a joy in my heart. It brought such powerful images of these characters to my mind and I feel like I know them better now than I did before.

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