Update! TFS MIA!

It's been so long and I've missed this.

I started a new job and I've been missing music so much. I feel a little lost but since coming back to working on the EP's I had in progress and writing new songs I'm starting to figure things out.

On with business...

I've got 3 EP's in the works, one of which is almost completed!

And I put out a new song, inspired by Star War's Rey! (and a little of how I've felt lately)

Things are busy over at Nerdy.fm too. We've got some great things coming up for everyone. So be sure to head over to our Facebook page to see what peeks your interest.

I'll get the reviews back up and running again soon as well. I apologise to anyone who has contacted me lately! I will get back to you.

As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You nerds rock!


- TFS x

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