Alpha Riff is back and better than ever!

Digital Champions: Mors Aeterna picks up some months after the events of Migdal Bavel and see us catching up with Alpha and MZ as they return to IP and the next chapter of their journey begins.

See the return of characters and the introduction of new ones, this album is bigger than anything that's come before it.

Featuring the talents of the mighty Tekforce, Starby, Twill Distilled, Ish1da, Mega Ran, Professor Shyguy, Starf, 2 Mello, Midi Boss, Aramis, 1up, King Pheenix, Ekaj, Kudos The Kid, Jollimus, Ambush Vin, Hanna Barbaric, Kordlyss, Stalara, Lo Tech, Yugen, Zilla Persona, 2 Ton 21, Matt Mead, Geoff Canon, Rachel Fishel and TheFifthSister (that name seems familiar!)

With production from DJ RoboRob, K-Murdock, Klopfenpop, Bill Beats, Scotty Beatmaster Wu, Pajama Sam, Stone Stan, Zilla Persona, Alpha Riff, Bernie Griess and Missingno. I mean, DAMN, look at all that talent!! Where else do you find all those names?

This album is crammed full of amazing songs. It's a huge production that I've been privileged enough to be involved with over the last year. The scope of the story is incredible, with so many new twists and turns. Alpha's really upped the game with this. The writing is the best we've seen so far, the production and music is the best on any Alpha Riff album yet. You can physically hear the blood, sweat and tears that went into this record, you can hear every ounce of heart, joy, inspiration and determination in every word, beat and it all comes together to provide a fantastic experience.

That's the wonderful thing about an Alpha Riff record. You don't just get a song, you get a whole world. You get to experience something magical

I was so honoured to be asked to be involved with this and I can't believe how wonderful the whole thing turned out. I love ya Alpha. Thank you for some really great memories.

Please grab this record. And Migdal Bavel. They are some of the greatest concept albums you'll ever hear.

- tfs x

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