New covers!

Hey, hey, hey!

I know it's been a while since I updated. I used to be on top of this...

Let's see. New EP. New single. They came out a couple of months back and then I've been writing some new singles and taking it a little slow. I really want to get these tracks write as I'm being a bit more ambitious with them.

I also did a couple of new covers.

I'm a little obsessed with Meri Amber's Retro Sherbet. Not gonna lie. I've been pretty much listening to it on repeat lately. She's really clever with her songwriting. I love the way she Pokemon, Tamagotchi and Dragonball Z into witty, catchy pop songs about love and life. But the song that I love the most is Xena. Now, if you know me you know that I'm a huge Xena: Warrior Princess fan and that song will easily be the one that I'd love the most. And it is. I knew I had to pay tribute to Meri and to Xena herself. I did a rocked up version that I hope everyone enjoys. Thank you to Meri Amber for your kind words and for sharing this with your fans. You're fantastic!

If you're following me on Twitter then you'll know I've been hyping The PDX Broadsides for the last week. Their new album is fantastic and I got the chance to chat with them at length about it. They are wonderful human beings and I'm a huge fan. I wanted to show my love for them by throwing it back to their first album with a cover of my favourite song, The Zombie Song. It's a clever song with witty lyrics and an amazing vocal performance. I can't get my voice to do anything as amazing as Jessica's or Hollyanna's but here's my tribute to one of my favourite bands.

Hope you enjoyed. Will be back soon with more updates and a bunch of new blogposts. Curse you Pokemon GO for eating up all my time :P

'til later. Party on dudes!

- tfs x

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