The Hero of Hyrule EP

I released The Hero of Hyrule EP a little while back but I never wrote about it. Better late than never.
This was a 3-track release. Typically, I release 4 songs a time but I was having a really shitty time at a new job that I quickly left and I just couldn't get the fourth song in the set right. I was so happy with the other three that I just left it off.

The Hero of Hyrule celebrates Link and his ongoing quest to save Hyrule in (almost) every Legend of Zelda game. LoZ is my favourite game series and I'm so thrilled I finally got to do a song entirely dedicated to it. The Forgotten Fairy was definitely inspired by it too.

Not The Wookie For Me is an apology song. It's a post-breakup song, when you can admit where things went wrong. My ex-boyfriend is one of my very best friends and I think he'd laugh his head off listening to this song.

Ghost of You was written for A Curiosity, Darling, the Warehouse 13 band I used to be in. It takes place mid-season four when Artie is trying to come to terms with Leena's death. It really hit me when I heard it and so I decided to polish it up and put it on this record.

So there you go. Hope you enjoy(ed) the release!

Oh, and as a bonus. I then released a new single. Who Am I? is written from Rey's perspective at the start of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. I wrote it amidst a whole lot of work problems and it really helped me get some stuff out. Hope you like!

Be excellent to each other
- tfs x

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