New music

It's been a while but then bam! New music. Been taking my time to work on some projects and I'm really happy to present a couple of them to you.

On Halloween I released We're The Ghostbusters!. It was inspired by the rebooted movie. I'm a huge fan of the film and I thought it deserved it's own song, not the lame recycled FOB song that it got.

I've been working hard on the new EP. A collection of songs inspired by couple that I ship so hard.

You Make Me Feel and Goodbye are songs that were originally written for A Curiosity, Darling, the Warehouse 13 band I used to be part of. YMMF was never released and I've been re-recording it over the years but it never felt right until this moment. Goodbye has been remixed and re-recorded.

Endurance is inspired by Lara Croft and Sam Nishimura. Lara fought so damn hard to get Sam off of Yamatai in one piece and I love them so much. It's written from Lara's perspective.

Someone is a little different. It's a song about trying to find love. It was inspired by a Pikachu meme. You know, the one where he's holding onto a bottle of ketchup with such love and tenderness? I love that meme and I really wanted to write a Pokemon song. It rounds out a fun EP.

I loved working on this and it really filled me with a lot of happiness. It's led to some good plans for the next project and I hope to keep the new music coming for you!

Thank you to everyone who grabbed downloads of both these new releases!

And as an added bonus....

For Halloween I dressed as Lara Croft and I recorded some live versions of this new Tomb Raider song and Survivor from the I Didn't Know What To Name This EP.

I really hope you enjoy the new stuff and thank you so much for your support.

Party on dudes!

- tfs x

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