Three Chords & A Geeky Reference

Hey nerds!

I'm back. So much has been going on and I feel like I've really disconnected from my community lately.

I've been working on and off on Three Chords for a little while. It's been scrapped and redone and scrapped and rewritten more times then I can count. I felt like giving up and then I'd try something new and bam! I couldn't stop. It ended up with a set list completely different to what I had imagined for it. I had a list of franchises I wanted to do. So many songs got recorded and didn't make the cut. I wrote three new songs for it about two weeks ago and they ended up changing the whole feel and flow. It's been a great time.

It's also been a lousy time. With a lot of stuff happening in my life, I feel like anxiety, stress and low self-esteem robbed me of a lot of pride and enthusiasm for this project at times. Lacking confidence kills creativity so easily. And now I feel like a fraud for wanting to post links and get people checking it out.

I really hope that this connects for people. It became so much more personal and so much of what is written is me trying to better myself. There was discovery to be had. Of what I want to do with music. I think I finally found myself with this. I found joy and peace. And one day that'll chase the last of the worries away. I made this pay-what-you-want. Just grab it.

So, without further rambling, I present to you Three Chords & A Geeky Reference

11 songs. PWYW. Now on bandcamp.

-tfs x

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