A little while back there was that whole "name 10 albums blah blah blah" trend. It got me thinking though. 10 albums that impacted my life. It may sound dumb to some but music can have a huge impact in people's lives. It changes moods. It can make you think. It can make you dream. So, here are 10 albums that I hold special significance to me.

1. Nirvana - In Utero

I have always loved music. I used to sing at school and it's always been something that's been apart of my life. I grew up with parents who listened to a range of music but mostly my house was filled with rock music. My Dad listened to Pearl Jam, Reef, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Rage Against The Machine. My Mum listened to Green Day, Alanis Morisette, 4 Non Blondes. You name it, it was probably in our CD case at some point. Around the age of 11 I started to really get into rock and quickly became a Dave Grohl fan. My Dad handed me a Nirvana CD and told me to go and listen. I fell in love with their music, so much so that I begged my parents to get me drum lessons. And so, my music career began. If not for this album and for Dave Grohl I may never have started playing the drums, or taken up the guitar two years later (cause Grohl could play the guitar too!)

2. Nerf Herder - American Cheese

As many Nerf Herder fans may tell you, I was a huuuuuuuuuuuuge Buffy fan. Huge. And it introduced me to the music of Nerf Herder and in turn, introduced me to Nerd Rock. At the age of 12, this was my first stepping stone into a world that would eventually become a huge corner stone of my life. I learned to play every song on this album and started writing my own nerdy songs (which were damn awful, let me tell you. 12 year old nerdy me wasn't a good songwriter!)

3. Jonathan Coulton - Thing A Week

JoCo hold significance in my life for 2 reasons. I was introduced to his music by someone I met on a chatroom. We're now best friends and have been to see JoCo together.
But JoCo was one of the first independent artists. I became fascinated with the way he made his music. Not just the writing but the fact that he recorded it all himself. He inspired me to learn to record. I'd always thought that you needed a "label" to do anything and then DIY truly took on a world of it's own to me. I hold a couple of qualifications in music technology now and went to university to learn about music production. Honestly, I credit that decision to this man. I probably would have done an English degree or something else. I now work in a recording studio when I'm not nerding it up on

4. Pat Benatar - Go

Now, not my favourite of all her records (that would be Get Nervous!) but this is one I clearly remember listening to for the first time. I was at University and just feeling shitty about a lot of things. I held a lot of anger at the time and I was stressed and unhappy. I was riding home from class on my bike and just had a bunch of Pat Benatar on shuffle and some of the songs from this record came on. And I remember just letting go of everything and feeling so at peace. Its still one of my go to records on a bad day.

5. Sci-Fried - Ramming Speed

Again, not necessarily my favourite release (that would be Co-Op Mode) but this was the first Sci-Fried record I ever bought. Along with introducing me to one of my favourite bands, this led to me forging some really important friendships and played a huge part in how my life has turned out. Through becoming friends with Dr Vern and the rest of the band, I got to know Marc With A C and get to know the whole nerd music community

6. The Doubleclicks - Dimetrodon

If you know me well.... this will come as no surprise. I'm a huge Doubleclicks fan and there is no denying that these two amazing persons have had a very positive effect on my life. At a time when I was really feeling like maybe I'd made the wrong choice in life and nerd music just wasn't my calling, I heard "Love You Like A Burrito" and it was the best damn thing I ever heard. Their music fills me with a lot of feelings, most of them joy and hunger, and they've been inspiring me ever since.

7. Dr Awkward - Blank Pages

If I ever needed an album to be made, it was this album. I wrapped the music around me like a security blanket and when I listened to it. I was in a dark place and this kept me floating. It helped me process and move forward and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

8. Shinobi Ninja - Escape From New York

There is so much inspiration and heart crammed into this album. I've listened to it on repeat for about six months and it fills me with such joy. I put this album when I'm writing. I put this album on when my spirits need to sore. This keeps me outta my own way and let's me move towards the person I wanna be. It's so strange to say that about an album, but right now, this is the truth.

The last two are just albums that hold good memories for me.

9. Alanis Morisette - Jagged Little Pill 

I remember my Mum driving around and playing this in the car when it first came out. Sometimes when I'm having a really lousy time, I ask my Mum to hang out and we just drive somewhere and listen to this record. Always makes me feel close to her when I listen to it.

10. 4 Non Blondes - Bigger, Better, Faster, More!

Again, I remember when this came out. Just barely. I was tiny but I loooooooooved "What's Up?" and would make my Dad play it repeatedly. We had the record on a lot when I was little. After my Dad left I raided my Mum's CD collection, found it and started listening to it again. It's one of my all time favourite records and reminds me of good times when I was a kid. I even got the vinyl release for Christmas.

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