I'm so bad at posting updates lately.


It's been a strange few months. I've had this incredible, artistic journey and have spent almost every waking hour writing, editing, thinking about making, stressing over, melting down over my new album. And I've been really struggling with mental health and emotions. It's been some of the hardest times recently. I put so much into this new album and without it I think I wouldn't be coping well right now. It's been a struggle. But I'm so proud of what I've been making.

Always is an album inspired by the ABC Network show Castle. There are a whole lot of love songs, there are a whole lot of songs that also explore loss, fighting for whats right and mental health. I put so much of myself into this that everything rings true. You do not need to be a fan of the show to enjoy this, but the show lit my muse on fire and I was compelled to make and make and make without a passion and drive I had not felt before.

I wish I'd kept a journal. But there was a lot of bad days amongst the good and I guess I'm glad those weren't all that well documented. I did a lot of filming. Of the writing and recording process. I'll make a video at some point.

Like Kate Beckett said, "even on the worst day there's a possibility for joy". I loved working on this album. I'm so damn proud of it. I will try to write more as I finish it up.

Thank you for being here on this journey with me.
I'm having an off day today but on a good one I can write something more eloquant and share with you a lot more.

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-tfs x

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