TheFifthSister is a multi-instrumentalist and nerdy musician from Leicester, UK.

Starting out as one half of Warehouse 13 inspired duo A Curiosity, Darling, whose music was featured on the soundtrack for web series Forever Destined before going solo broadening her focus to talk write other franchises, geeky concerns and issues within them and her own life. She writes about love, passion, admiration, obsession, loneliness and being different, all through the eyes of characters and situations you may find more relatable. With songs about science fiction, superheroes, the supernatural, technology, games, TV, movies, geek life and anything else that comes to her mind there's plenty to enjoy.

After the release of several EPs and collaborations with other artists, TheFifthSister dropped her first full length album "Three Chords & A Geeky Reference" in 2017, featuring songs about Stranger Things, Ghostbusters: Answer The Call and more. Currently she's hardly at work on her second album "Always".

Inspired by Jonathan Coulton, Sci-Fried, The Doubleclicks, Marc With A C, The PDX Broadsides, Kirby Krackle and many other legends of the nerd music scene, TheFifthSister is setting out to make a name for herself.

She is an avid fan of Warehouse 13, Star Wars, Stargate, Castle, Harry Potter, Marvel and Tomb Raider and all things in between. By day an engineer and producer at Quad Studios in her home time, a freelance sound technician, music blogger and musician. In July 2015 she joined the staff of 24-hour radio station to help promote artists and the nerd music community on a larger scale and was part of the team until the station went off air in 2017. She continues to blog and review and maintains a large social media presence.

She uses her official website not only for her own music but to promote and review other artists too.